Patrick says...
Thank you Lauren for getting back to me. I would appreciate
you contacting Fort Knox and getting a price quote on the CAB 20 and if possible a shipping date. Thank you
10th November 2016 1:13pm
Lauren says...
I just spoke with the factory and the CABs are on back order right now. They are looking at getting another shipment the middle of December, but to ship to you it will be roughly $60. The box itself is $380.
10th November 2016 3:14pm
Could you please tell me if you still have the maverick 6026 on display.thank you
30th September 2016 2:40pm
Addie says...
Yes, we have one on display
30th September 2016 2:43pm
Bill says...
I am looking for a drop safe for our business. Do you have any that are used and if so what kind of price range do you have.
30th August 2016 4:02pm
Addie says...
Hi Bill!
We have some used ones that might work for you. What are your maximum height, width and depth for the safe? What kind of lock would you prefer (mechanical. elctronic, keys)? Do you want one door or two? (You can have one door for drop and another one for tills/change. Let me know. Thanks!
30th August 2016 4:22pm
Dale W. says...
Hi, I'm very interested in a vault door. I would like know if I will need the door frame before I do my basement walls.
23rd July 2016 8:35pm
Addie says...
Hi Dale!

The frame comes with the door. It takes about 6-8 weeks to come in. The door is hung on the front flange of the frame. The back flange is installed from the back to hug the wall in between. To order you will need to know the depth of the wall (8 inch block or poured concrete is best), rough opening should be 82x40 or 82x48.
24th July 2016 9:49am
James Tonelli says...
I have a safe
30 inches by 30 inches
do you want for free
9th July 2016 8:09am
Richard W Brenner says...
Re: Fort Knox Original Pistol Handgun Safe FTK-PB


Would you have the above mentioned gun safe model or a recommendation for a similar design home safe?

Thank you.

10th January 2016 7:48pm

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