Addie says...
Hi Richard,

We have the Original Pistol Box in stock and it is the heaviest pistol box safe made to our knowledge. This unit open up like a chest and it fits 1-2 hand guns (depending on the size). They also make the Auto and Personal box. These are lighter and open forward like a safe deposit box. They all come with simplex locks that you can reset to your own code.
11th January 2016 6:51am
janet says...
I do not see the price list or a contract for January Big Flea.
Please advise..
l and Z Jewelers
10th November 2015 10:33pm
Bob Connelly says...
Thank You for sending a Fort Knox catalog Looking for a 40 + gun safe I want it to have a 2hour fire rating and a light and a dehumidifier with a very good lock . Not sure which brand would fit my needs best . I have a budget of 4000.000 give or take also made in the USA used would be great. One safe that my be in my price range is Sportsmen safe what is your opinion on what I should look for to store my guns.
21st July 2015 12:33pm
Lauren says...
Hello Mr. Connelly, I would like to suggest a Defender 6637, with either an all gun configuration (44 long guns) or a collector\'s configuration (48 guns). This will also give you extra shelf space above the guns. The fire rating is 1680° for 90 minutes, but there is a reinforced fire liner upgrade that you can get to add an additional 30 minutes ($217). With the lights, dehumidifier and electronic lock (very good) included, the total comes to roughly $3500. Fort Knox is offering a Summer Read More
27th July 2015 4:04pm
Cynthia Scott says...
Good afternoon...we are wondering if you are able to provide safe rentals at East Coast Gem & Mineral Show in West Springfield, MA the weekend of August 7?

Cynthia Scott
24th June 2015 11:57am
Lauren says...
Yes, we can provide safes for that show. The pricing will depend on how many safes we can get at the show, as we were not aware of it. We will look into it and get back to you with a price list.
24th June 2015 3:38pm
Lauren says...
Hi Cynthia,

Are you still looking to rent a safe for the West Springfield, MA show in August? If so, I would be happy to send over a contract via email or fax.

21st July 2015 12:46pm
Chris K. says...
I\'m considering a Sturdy Safe or Amsec. My perception is they are competitive. If I purchased a Sturdy Safe, what would you charge to rig the safe down a straight flight of stairs to the basement into position?

I\'m open to an equivalent AMSEC safe...

Thanks in advance!
6th February 2015 10:29pm
Tom says...
Do you keep stock of the bigger Fort Knox and Amsec gun safes?
18th January 2015 4:31pm
Tom says...
And do you deliver to the second floor of a home?
18th January 2015 10:15pm

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