ray says...
along with the weights of what they will be using 10 guage vs. 11 guage? Will the Maverick Plus safes have any other upgrades vs. regular Mavericks?
19th January 2014 3:22pm
Addie says...
Fire rating will upgrade to 1200 degrees for 60 minutes, wall will be carpeted.
19th January 2014 4:15pm
Lauren says...
Hi Ray, the Maverick Plus does not come in a 6024, but the 6026 is $1, 930 and the 6031 is $2, 245. I included the cost for the e-lock with both of thoses prices.
20th January 2014 9:38am
Edward Novak says...
I received your Fort Knox order form but before I order I would like additional details on the LeGard Redundant lock. I could not find anything on it on the Fort Knox or the LeGard site. I\'m looking for something that will allow me to access the safe in the event that the keypad electronics fails. Along that line, if the INTERNAL electronics (not the keypad) of the standard electronic lock fails, is there a way that you can repair it without tearing the entire safe out of my home and/or Read More
18th December 2013 10:43am
Addie says...
Hello Mr. Novak,
That\'s exactly what the LG redundant lock does. It has a keypad above the mechanical lock and in case the electronic lock had any problems, you will be able to open your safe with the mechanical lock. The electronic lock can be replaced without any damage to the safe since you will be able to open it mechanically. You can download the new Fort Knox catalog on our home page and see a sample there. Any other questions, let us know. Thank you!
18th December 2013 11:47am
TED BEAM says...
Hi, Could you recommend a gun safe to hold 10 guns and have room for other valuables as well. Must be of high quality. Maybe Fort Knox or Amsec? Thank You.
3rd December 2013 9:43pm
Addie says...
Hello Mr. Beam!
The size will be a 60x30. You can begin looking at the Maverick, Defender or Protector under the Fort Knox menu.
4th December 2013 10:25am
ed says...
Would you be able to sell and put an Amsec RF6528 into my garage. The driveway is flat. This safe weighs a lot..
12th August 2013 6:20pm
Addie says...
Yes, we can. I will email you a price for the safe and delivery. Lead time should be 10-12 weeks. It is a custom built unit.
12th August 2013 6:47pm
The Safe Man says...
Welcome to our Questions and Comments section! Feel free to ask any questions regarding any kind of safe or handling them. We will be happy to help!
11th June 2013 6:13am

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